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".. substituting my regular daily coffees for the past 2 weeks now & I don’t think I will ever go back! I have started to see ENORMOUS improvements in my mood, energy & focus... without the crashes in the afternoon & need for additional ☕️.."

Why Gold Dust, is #No1..

  • You'll feel an increase in productivity & overall mood
  • A supercharged focus + feeling far more alert
  • A wake-up like coffee but say goodbye to crashing
  • No more feeling tired only a new sustained energy all-day
  • You'll be in your 'flow state' with a perfect night's sleep
  • You'll have way more energy without countless coffees

Rated 4.8/5 - 1200+ reviews

The Uk's most affordable
Classic or creative
Chocolate lover? We've got you! Be it Cocoa or Vanilla, mix them with what you love or enjoy as they are with hot or cold water.
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We've engineered all of our products to taste great, not too strong, not too weak. They taste amazing
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Our goal is to ensure that our customers feel the positive effects. Get in touch if you don't see the benefits after using our product for 30 days.
Say goodbye to crashing
Stay focused for longer, kick that coffee habit, and bin that cupboard of stimulants. Natural energy that keeps you going all day.

The 'Why' behind us

What if ?

Managing life challenges and living your best life is Variety Mode's mission. Brain fog, fatigue, and tiredness are natural problems that can be solved naturally without side effects. I pursued psychology and CBT to become the best version of myself. What if you could be your best every day? In creating this self, mushrooms are only the beginning. Do not wait to meet the new you! Variety Mode is here for the long term, not the short..




A supercharged all-in-one mushroom blend


Gold Dust comes in either a delicious chocolate or vanilla powder, created to be part of your daily lifestyle. Its made with 100% natural ingredients too

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  • Experience sharper focus, cleaner energy and consistent calm throughout the day
  • Say goodbye to jitters & afternoon caffeine crashes
  • GMO, Vegan, Gelatin, Gluten & Cruelty-free
  • Our Vanilla option is also completely caffeine free
  • Experience natural energy, & improved productivity throughout the day
  • Get creative and mix it up
Rated 4.8/5 - 1200+ reviews

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..has really improved my general self, I'm feeling less anxious, maybe from the improved quality of sleep I've noticed.. Ive got much better attitude and greater focus for things, all down to gold dust! I genuinely cannot believe how much positive this brings to my life in the early days of using it.



..Been a great start on the gummies and the cocoa. Have come off my prescription tablets to take these and can really feel the benefit already as I feel more alive and focused.

- Paul


..hadn’t really believed in the power of mushrooms before, but once I’ve taken Gold Dust cacao for a couple of days I’ve noticed how alert and focused I am! I can now survive without extra coffee shots and do not feel sleepy after lunch. I feel like the mushrooms are boosting my energy level and it doesn’t just fade away like after coffee... Also this cacao tastes delicious.


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Do you have questions?

Could these be 'magic'. Are they legal?
Nope! All our products are completely legal and comply with the laws and regulations of countries around the world - our goal is to design innovative, affordable consumer products that can boost mental performance, mood and overall well-being! As a result, this is the most effective all-natural adaptogenic mushroom blend in a format you will love...
Ingredients are safe, right?
You bet! Every ingredient we use is 100% safe, without exception - we have FDA-approved, award-winning facilities to test all our formulas. It is not uncommon for companies to sacrifice safety for potency, leading to headaches and stomach cramps. We use the right dosages in the right amounts. Quality is our number one priority! We never cut corners when it comes to our products, and this is reflected in their long-term potency and effectiveness.
How does it all work?
Mushrooms are nature's ancient superpower! It has been scientifically proven on numerous occasions that the ingredients in our blend have been used across the globe with powerful effects. With our other powerful natural plant ingredients, our potent blend of 4 primary mushroom extracts provides a strong adaptogenic effect for the body and mind. When combined at the right dosages, the ingredients we use have a powerful natural effect.
When I take Gold Dust, what effect will it have on me?
There will be no jitters or crashes throughout the day, just sharp focus, sustained energy (both body and mind) and a peaceful calm. 'Gold Dust' is a natural alternative to westernized medicine that works, and provides real longevity and sustainability, so you can take it every day without feeling the need to take a break - without experiencing any adverse side effects or dependency. The original design and testing were done by us with phenomenal results. Knowing many people were looking for similar products, we launched Gold Dust to help everyone be more attentive and focused. You're going to love it just like we do (makers, creators & entrepreneurs alike)!
Is there a recommended amount and time to take it?
With Gold Dust, you can get super simple & effective results with a once-a-day regimen. You'll be able to power through the day with one 8g serving (2 small scoops) in the morning! Alternatively, some people prefer to have two 4g servings at different times, combine with our gummies - or even take slightly more than that in their daily routine - however, we recommend no more than two servings of 8g each. Don't forget, you can add it to almost anything - water, milk, coffee, tea, protein shakes, whatever you like!
Would taking both gummies and powder on the same day make sense?
Yes, of course! Using the powder alone can produce super simple & effective results. For added alertness throughout the evening, most people have two or three gummies in the afternoon. Others prefer gummies as an alternative. Our general recommendation would be to take gummies at a different time than powder, but there is no reason you cannot have both. For those taking the powder as well, we recommend consuming no more than two servings of 6 gummies per day.
Are there samples available?
You bet! We offer a 5 day sample of cocoa (5 x 8g) & 1 serving of our cherry gummies! (Click here) Or drop us a message if you would like to request a discount of a one-time supply for the month. Remember, with the purchase of our powder, you can save up to 40% on Gold Dust by purchasing it via a subscription! It's also free to cancel
How does the subscription process work?
When fully integrated into your lifestyle and routine, Gold Dust provides the most effective results when used long-term, and consistently. We generally recommend trying the product for at least 3 months to achieve the absolute best results. As a result, we offer discounted subscription plans - you can choose between rolling monthly billing and quarterly billing - which will save you considerably over one-time purchases, and you can edit or cancel your subscription at any time.
Is there a scooper included with the powder?
Absolutely, you don't need to worry about saving the scoop from a previous order since every Gold Dust pouch includes a scooper
Is it calorie-free?
Not quite! The nutritional breakdown of Gold Dust can be found on the product page - each 8g serving of Cocoa contains 31 calories, Vanilla 36 calories, and 12 calories per 3 gummies
If I’m on medication, can I take it?
The general answer is yes, however, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor if you have special concerns. p.s our Vanilla powder & gummies are completely caffeine free :)
Is it okay to take Gold Dust daily?
Without a doubt! Our blend was created to be an all-in-one daily supplement, and we recommend using it consistently for long periods of time in order to gain maximum benefits. Every now and then, some people prefer to take a few days off or to increase or reduce the dosage according to their lifestyle. It is perfectly safe to take it every day.
Exactly where is Variety Mode located?
Our headquarters are in Manchester, United Kingdom! As our distribution centre is located in Bristol, all our products are packed and assembled there.
Which is the best method for using the products?
There is no better all-in-one blend than Gold Dust. Add it to coffee, tea, or protein shakes, or drink it alone with water or milk (hot or cold). Our Gold Dust blends are easy to use and can be combined with anything you like, such as smoothies, or even baking. Let your imagination run wild. The gummies we offer are the most convenient on-the-go solution. You can enjoy them wherever and whenever you want.
Where do you get your mushrooms and what tests do you use?
This is something we are incredibly proud of. We grow all of our mushrooms and adaptogens onsite on our 78-acre farm! With over 13 years of mushroom growing experience, our farm, lab, and testing are all on-site. It is 100% fruiting bodies that we use. In order to ensure the purest and safest blend of mushrooms, all of our mushrooms are tested for heavy metals, chemical and physical control, and microbiological testing.